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Welcome to the Ryoichi Ikegami House of Worship (v.2)


Ten years sounds like a long time. It's hard for me to believe that this site was first launched in 1996. If you have visited the original incarnation of this site on geocities, you would have noticed that I stopped updating it around 2001. It's not because I lost interest in Ikegami, it was because most of the translations of his works stopped around that time. Even now, the original site remains one of the primary sources of information for Ryoichi Ikegami when using a search engine. Not too bad for a poorly designed, but information rich site. Even though I stopped updating the original site, I still receive the occasional email (which I always respond to). I've developed some design talent over the years and thought that the time was right to revamp my little site and make it visually worthy of the artistic master it is dedicated to. In these pages, you will find all the information found on the original site, plus reviews/synopses of his translated series.

Introduction from the original Geocities site:

With all the Manga pages here on the web, I was astonished to find little to no information about Ryoichi Ikegami (1944-) or any of his works. Ryoichi is regarded by me as the finest artist that I have yet to come across. The pains he takes to accentuate even the smallest details puts today's commercial artists to shame. My first exposure to Manga was at a local comic store. I was flipping through a discount bin when I came across a couple of comics from Ryoichi's Crying Freeman series. I leafed through them and while I was impressed with what I saw, even at 50% off they were out of my price range for a comic medium that I had not seen before. Also there were 3 copies of Mai, The Psychic Girl which was more in my price range. Well needless to say, I was hooked. Over the next two weeks I visited all the nearby shops and had acquired 22 out of the 28 issues. If you are looking to collect/sample some of Ryoichi Ikegami's works, much of his past work has been collected in graphic novel format. Sanctuary, Crying Freeman, Samurai Crusader, Mai, Strain, Wounded Man, and Offered are all available in this format.

Note: Ikegami began his career in 1961 at age 17.


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